The Flanaess Campaign

Part 1: The village of Hommlet

Secondday the 2nd, Early Spring, 591 CY (Common Year)

Upon entering The village of Hommlet the cabal of adventurers was immediately greeted by a goodwife of a well-kept and prosperous farm. After some inane chit chat the adventurers decided to head to the town center. Once at the town center, the party was greeted by a drunk coming out of, what appeared to be, a tavern. The party introduced themselves and the drunk called himself Elmo. When the party mentioned that they were interested in adventure and learning more about the Temple of Elemental Evil, Elmo became more solemn and asked that they follow him. He took the party to a modest farm house slightly on the outskirts of town. There his whole demeanor changed and he informed them that he was an agent to the viscount of the City of Verbobonc. His mission, to root out evil in The village of Hommlet. He then charged the adventurers with their Current Quests.



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