City of Verbobonc

Proper Name: Viscounty and Town of Verbobonc
Ruler: His Noble Lordship, the Viscount Langard of Verbobonc, Defender of the Faith (CG male half-elf Rog4)
Government: Semi-independent realm owing fealty to the Archclericy of Veluna, but nearly autonomous in practice
Capital: Verbobonc
Major Towns: Verbobonc (pop. 12,700)
Provinces: Fourteen freeholds and similar fiefs, all less than 500 square miles in size; the entire viscounty is a bishopric under St. Cuthbert, and it is divided into eight “guardianships” overseen by abbots; some guardianships include more than one political fief
Resources: Copper, gems (I-IV), timber
Coinage: [Modified Furyondy] leaf (pp), wheatsheaf (gp), knight (ep), spire (sp), common (cp)
Population: 177,800—Human 79% (Ofsr), Elf 9% (sylvan), Gnome 5%, Halfling 3%, Dwarf 2%, Half-elf 1%, Half-orc 1%
Languages: Common
Alignments: LG*, N, LN
Religions: St. Cuthbert*
Allies: Veluna, Furyondy (distrusted), Knights of the Hart (distrusted), Kron Hills gnomes (distrusted, technically in rebellion at present), Dyvers
Enemies: Iuz, Pomarj, assorted evil cults (particularly Iuz, Vecna, Tsuggtmoy, Elemental Evil)

Overview: The Viscounty of Verbobonc is a nearindependent province of the Archclericy of Veluna, ruled in palatine by a powerful viscount. The town of Verbobonc itself is the second largest port on the Velverdyva, bringing much wealth to the local lords. The writ of the Viscounty extends some fifteen miles into the Kron Hills to the south, though the current gnome troubles ensure that the viscount holds little true power there. Though relations with the lords of neighboring villages and strongholds within the Viscounty are not nearly as tumultuous, Viscount Wilfrick’s inattentiveness during the latter part of his reign has ensured that some local rulers have more power than they ought to have, a problem that the current viscount, Langard, must deal with on a daily basis.

Verbobonc is not only a human city, but is home to many elves and gnomes, as well. A few of the former live in lofted ipt-houses, structures built within the boughs of trees of the same name. Most gnomes live in “rents,” small but comfortable dwellings excavated from the dozens of small hills within the city proper.

The town is rich with trade. The river brings goods of all stripe, with caravans and barges more than happy to leave the region loaded down with gems and copper from local mines. Verbobonc’s gnome smiths are renowned across the Flanaess. (Arguably, their most important structure, the Royal Furyondian Mint, spreads their handiwork farther than any other.)

The local temperate is mild, featuring cold winters with little snow. The people of Verbobonc are friendly but cautious—most have seen evidence of true evil in their lifetimes, and know that a stranger could as easily slice your throat as look at you. The folk of Verbobonc have channeled this caution into a diligent work ethic. “Hard work keeps the demons away” is a popular local proverb.

Despite its small size, Verbobonc boasts both a religious and secular army. The First Army of the Church is little more than a collection of clubbearing zealots, beaten so often by the Cuthbertine Overseer Branditan (LG male human Ftr6/Clr2 of St. Cuthbert) that they have become a formidable and well-trained force. This body numbers perhaps two hundred men and women. The Viscount’s Standing Army consists of six hundred pikemen, cavalry and archers, nominally led by the extremely aged (and increasingly disabled) Mayor Velysin (NG male human Ftr11). In times of great need, these troops are bolstered by rangers from the Gnarley, contingents of clerics from Veluna, and the famous Bootmen of Furyondy’s Duchy of the Reach. An alarming number of adventurers can be found in the Viscounty, augmenting the resident forces in unpredictable, often destructive, ways.

Orders of knighthood are few and small in Verbobonc, though the new viscount recently proposed sponsoring a local branch of the Knights of the Hart. Though controversial (as no love is lost between the town and the Knights of Furyondy), it appears the proposal is gaining widespread public support so long as the knights were loyal first to their homeland, not to foreigners.

City of Verbobonc

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